Having a 14 years experience in the production and trading veneer field, Drial company is by your side to make the most suitable decision that will give personality to your project.


This website is for professionals

We have created this website to facilitate order placement and help you quickly and easily find the type of veneer you need. This way you can select your order data according to: wood essence, cutting type, thickness, length and price margin. Even more, you can download the datasheet of the log to see the quantity and price of each type of quality (A, B, C). Therefore, you have access to all the information you need for an order, so the decision you make is right. In addition, we encourage fidelity and high-value orders by offering discounts: 3% discount for orders over 10,000 euros and 5% discount for orders over 50,000 euros. 

Discover the types of veneer we have on our site.

Special for designers

We know how important it is for you that every element of the arrangement you propose to your customers to be accordingly integrated into the overall picture. That's why we offer you a variety of veneer types that can be successfully merged into any project and any budget is allocated to you, contributing to your creative concepts. Since we know what it means to you that each product you design to be high quality, we ensure you that the veneer you receive is in the demanded parameters at the time of your order, one click away.

Discover the Drial story

With a tradition of more than 14 years in the field of veneer production, the Drial company, founded in 2004, respects wood and nature, our products being FSC certified. The veneer adventure starts from the purchase of different essences of wood, which is then carefully selected, to be processed and transformed into aesthetic veneer.

We give you the opportunity to choose the products you want, helping you with a multitude of selection categories, receiving a full report of the chosen veneer type, integrated into a command sheet with all the details you need. We also offer you profitable prices for the veneers you are interested in.