We know how important it is for you that every element of the design that you propose to your clients to be not only perfectly integrated into the overall picture, but also beneficial to the lifestyle and day-to-day activities carried out in that space. Being the most sustainable material that can be processed, the wood log from which veneer comes represents the ideal ratio between renewable and aesthetics and can be reinterpreted in a variety of creative concepts, giving freedom to architectural forms and various interior design elements.

The uniqueness of the veneer as a material is represented by its adaptability, is not only a component part of the furniture pieces, using various techniques such as wood or inlaid insertion techniques, but also individually for various decorative arts and creative concepts of improvements. The veneer is obtained through a careful selection of wood, which has to meet a number of conditions related to its size, color, shape, and structure, and can remove any design from anonymity through the uniqueness and versatility that characterizes it.


DRIAL comes to your aid with a variety of veneer types (European walnut, elm, acacia, maple, American walnut, pear, sorb, red oak) that can be successfully integrated into any project and budget which is assigned to you, giving surfaces elegance and sophistication. The texture, color and especially the finished shape obtained by varnishing or veneering of natural veneer, allow you to transform any product into one with unique characteristics, personalized accordingly to the style of the space which is going to be designed.